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NOTICE: The development of the RegainAmerica site has been on hold the past few years due to budgeting constraints.  Development of the new site has resumed with the new site expected to be up by the end of 2014.

The contents of this site represent the first prototype and are several years old.  The new site will be much more functional and work on a range of devices from cellphones to tablets to desktop computers.  While the content is very dated we have decided to keep this site up while continuing development on the new site so you can get an idea of the nature of what we will be introducing.

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This page will be updated from time to time as development progresses.  Any other questions please direct to Tim Kehres.


Call for Writers - RegainAmerica Wants YOU!!!

Want to be one of the pioneer contributors to RegainAmerica?  We are looking for a small number of contributing writers to get RegainAmerica off the ground.  If you have a passion for writing and want to make a positive difference, we want to hear from you!

About RegainAmerica

The central theme and purpose of RegainAmerica is to bring the people of America together to recapture what America somehow lost along the way. Changes in society have been contributing to the erosion of core family values and to the disintegration of the social and economic framework of the country. Specifically, RegainAmerica is a new multi-functional community that empowers all of us working both individually and collectively - to change the present status quo and Regain America.

Taxpayer Funded Organ Transplants for Illegal Aliens (Part Two of an Occasional Series)

Meet Ana Puente and Jose Lopez, two young Illegal Aliens residing in the State of California.  They were featured in an article from the Los Angeles Times as part of a series entitled Life in the Shadows, although, as we will see, Ms. Puente and Mr. Lopez, although in the US illegally, seem markedly unconcerned either with their illegal status or with flying beneath the radar.

Barack Obama in Wonderland

No one was a better "Wordsmith" than the late Lewis Carroll.  And no one better questioned the meaning and accuracy of the English language.  President Barack Obama is unquestionably a great orator.  But how far can words alone take us?  What does labeling achieve?  And where does hyperbole end and meaning begin?

Tales from the “XX” Files – John McCain Chooses His VP

Lana Mully and Jox Suldaur, Special Agents who work on the periphery of the FBI with so-called “XX” Files have passed along the following partial transcript from John McCain’s hotel suite. Recorded the night before John McCain announced his choice for a running mate, it reveals McCain and his closest advisors involved in an “XX” episode . . .

Barack Obama, Humpty Dumpty, and the Philosopher's Stone

Mr. Rove observes that "Stripped of his mystique [Obama] could become just another liberal politician – only one who parses, evades, dissembles and condescends. That narrative is beginning to take hold. If those impressions harden into firm judgments, Mr. Obama will have a very difficult time in November."

Barack Obama still has time to ensure that he does NOT have a difficult time in November.  Hopefully he will use his time wisely.

How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent - CASH BENEFITS TO IMMIGRANTS!! (Part One of an Occasional Series)

The next time you have to deny your own child something, or you yourself have to go without something you cannot afford - remember CAPI.  Remember that the government took the cash out of your pocket not just to cover the billions of dollars the government already spends giving all the financially poor immigrants (both legal and illegal) benefits such as health care coverage - but to put a bit of CASH in their pockets as well.

Barack Obama and His Inconvenient Uncle

As Karl Rove so aptly stated in the Wall Street Journal:

"Mr. Obama's problem is a campaign that's personality-driven rather than idea-driven. Thus incidents calling into question his persona and character can have especially devastating consequences."

A Loose-Lipped Hillary Proves She Will Say Anything At Any Time (In Any Accent) to Get Elected

Image is all.  Reality is negligible.  And it is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s overwhelming cynicism, together with her lack of confidence in the American public, that permits her to engage in such specious behaviors as fake Southern accents, stories about sniper fire that are made up from whole cloth, and wacky rationalizations put forth to justify a progressively weakening campaign.

The Comedic Road to Cultural Decay

The road to cultural decay is lined with comedic intentions. Progressing down this road, one is kept laughing and distracted and entertained, so much so that, it is not until the end of the road is reached that one realizes that he is not after all happy with where the road has led.

Once all of society's boundaries have fallen, what is left?

The Answer - You're In The Army Now!

Cure for America's ills might just be the resurrection of a Mandatory Draft for EVERYONE - whether male or female, or even (gasp!) the disabled!

America - Land of Apple Pies, Baseball and . . . . . Litigation

The United States of America is a land of Litigation.  Litigation means "Lawsuits" - which are now as much a part of the American landscape as apple pie and baseball.  How did this start?  When did we learn to love to litigate?  Maybe it started with our "Not Me" attitudes.

Control And

I was scanning the newspaper and I came across a headline that seemed to catch me wrong.  It said something like:  "Clooney edges closer to Obama".  So let me get this straight:

George Clooney, who is an actor, apparently likes Obama and, this fact is not only news, but. . . .HEADLINE NEWS?!?

I mean. . . .WHO CARES?!?

Lunacy In Texas

Texas Governor Rick Perry tries an end run around fundamental parental rights with his “Executive Order” mandating the Gardasil vaccine for schoolgirls.  Note the key word here is “mandate”. Not suggest. Not recommend. Not urge. Mandate.

Imus Statement Finally Crosses Line

So Don Imus finally goes over the top – and lands without a net. Initially he was simply suspended, but as the sponsors ran for the hills and the uproar continued, Imus was abruptly fired.

Imus, who, at age 66, really should know better, apparently thought that his rights of free speech combined with his 40 years on radio, his rep as a “Shock Jock”, and getting paid gazillions to be one, gave him a free pass to say whatever, whenever, wherever.

Not so Don.

Case Study: The American Family In Crisis

In the 1950's, the neighborhood children could walk and bike and play throughout their neighborhood without fear.  In the America of today, any parent who lets their young child play or bike or walk outside their home without a watchful adult close by can politely be called "foolhardy".   And there is more - much, much more.  Clearly America has lost its way. 

Christmas In America

Has Christmas in America become so "Politically Incorrect" it has gone underground for good?

Lynn Spears' Daughters - Role Models for American Youth

Presenting Lynn Spears - Mother of the Year.  Mrs. Lynn Spears, of Kentwood, LA, is Mom to two of America's Role Models; namely, Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears.

Some Sickening Questions

We put men on the moon and rovers on Mars. We know how to smash atoms and cut virus particles in two. But at the same time why is the US so utterly UNABLE to formulate some sort of a nationwide health care plan for its citizens and residents?